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What does it mean to have SOGI addressed in the curriculum?

There is no "SOGI curriculum"; SOGI is a thread that can be addressed throughout many subjects and topics. Teachers choosing to address SOGI in the curriculum is NOT about students developing a particular set of beliefs around sexual orientation and gender identity. It is about building understanding of the diverse society that we live in and learning to treat each other with dignity and respect regardless of our differences. The Ministry of Education is responsible for the creation of BC curriculum. Below, SOGI 1 2 3 provides ready-to-use, grade-level SOGI-inclusive lesson plans that align with that curriculum. Teachers can customize SOGI 1 2 3 lesson plans to meet the needs of their classrooms. Looking for something different? You may also want to engage students using the Pro-D videos and learning modules.





Elementary Lesson Plans

“It’s critical that we as educators start this conversation with children during the early primary years, as this is when children are forming lasting ideas about including others and accepting differences.”

Steve Mulligan, Vancouver Elementary Educator


The following elementary lesson plans meet the requirements of the BC curriculum.

Each link below summarizes the big ideas, curriculum competencies, lesson plan rationale, and more—and includes a link to a downloadable PDF of the full lesson plan.

Are you celebrating Pink Shirt Day or International Day of Pink?

Everyone can do something for Pink Day! Be creative, have fun, and most importantly make the day meaningful by exploring the origin of the day, how gender stereotypes affect all of us, and how to speak up when we hear name-calling or discrimination. Download our Pink Day Toolkit to find out more, and choose a SOGI-inclusive lesson plan for the following day.


Secondary Lesson Plans

“84% of senior years teachers reported including LGBTQ+ content in their curriculum.”

Educator, "Every Teacher Project" Final Report, Egale 2016


Have you included SOGI in your lessons?

If you are an educator with a proven SOGI-inclusive lesson plan, please upload it to TeachBC using the tag ‘SOGI’ and let us know by emailing


Proven SOGI Curriculum Resources

The following resources have been created by educators to support integration of SOGI into the K-12 curriculum.


Some recommended titles are available in digital alternate format for students with perceptual disabilities in British Columbia. These materials can be accessed by registered users of the Accessible Resource Centre – BC. If the required title and/or format cannot be located in the ARC-BC repository, please contact to make a production request.