Tango Makes Three



An entry lesson into exploration of what a family is and looking at same gendered families. This is a safe way to have a conversation with students around LGBTQ families.


Curriculum References


  • Big Ideas: Stories help us learn about ourselves, our families and our communities; Stories can be understood from different perspectives; Curiosity and wonder lead to discoveries about ourselves and the world around us

  • Curricular Competencies: Comprehend and connect: explain the role that story plays in personal, family an community; Create and communicate: exchange ideas and perspectives to build shared understanding

  • Content: Functions and genres of stories and other text; Positive Personal and Cultural Identity: a. I can describe my family and community b. I am able to identify different groups that I belong to. I am able to represent aspects of my cultural contexts (such as family, communities, school, peer groups) through words and/or images. I can describe what is important to me. I can describe and demonstrate pride in my positive qualities, characteristics, and/or skills. I can explain how I am able to use these to contribute to my home and/or community; Social Responsibility: a. I can participate in classroom and group activities to improve the classroom, school, community, or natural world. b. I can demonstrate respectful and inclusive behaviour. c. I am aware of how others may feel and take steps to help them feel included